About health

My older sister died one year ago at 46 to a heart attack. My DH is next of kin of four siblings at 44 and has become very concerned about his health as he ages so this has been a great conversation starter for us. He comes from Burma where apparently they fry everything (for taste); salt everything (for taste) and don’t know what fruits or vegetables are (can’t afford). So it’s been an extreme learning curve for him to come up with healthy meals.The only other thing I will say on this (because it’s OT) is that food seems to be one of those things that is very emotionally loaded: I am not one to eat emotionally nor do I care for food except that it provides sustanents; whereas DH is wrapped up in providing to the family via food -because he grew up in a 3rd world country where “good” food was non-existent so “good” food became extremely important to him and remains to this day.

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