Are you ready for beans and rice.

I have been thinking about this… and have read a couple books about this stuff over 2012…sooooo as far as income goals are concerned here are ours for 2017
1. Expand the computer business to 5 days a week instead of the just 3 that we do now. We have an opportunity to possibly do so at our current location which would be wonderful.
2. I am considering and doing the background work of opening a new business at the flea market and mail order that will sell piggy tails which is actually a microwave pork rind ( I live in the south,, what can I say)… they come as small 1 inch or so chips and after two minutes in the microwave you have a nice hot fresh pork rind… I will also sell gluten free cobbler mixes, green mater breading and a variety of grits along with local honey and eggs… still in the planning but I really think I want to try this for at least 6 months to see if it is progressing
3. We have an acre and a half of land we are not using at all.. Not even sure why we bought it… it does butt end up to the property but is pretty useless. It perks and is deeded as its own lot. We are thinking of talking to a rental agency about using it as a mobile home lot. This will require a well and septic… but alot of that we can do…( not the well but the septic)..we want to talk to folks who have done this, the rental agecy and a few mobile home places to see fi there is a need… there seems to be… but we of course don’t want to rush..
4. Now, the last three months I have been investigating you tubes advertising policies.. and they seem.. not bad.. so we are thinking about taping a few vids… basket weaving, how to make a hand water pump, some cooking, herbal gardening..etc… might generate some income…. along those lines I have NOT advertised on my blog since I started and might do something small like an Amazon store and google search bar…still thinking on that one… Blogging has been a hobby and I don’t know how I would feel moving it over the money catagory..
5. lastly, along with Jan, the no longer used mowers, log splitters, farm truck etc will get scraped or sold….there is about 6000.00 in misc bills and odds and ends we would like to toss this year…
. rice and beans to make all this work….. I dunno….. but you all can come along for the ride!

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