First, I want to congratulate everyone

on ANY successes this year. Heck, even if it was merely treading water, or not sinking in deeper, or not sinking in as fast, or bailing the boat faster than the floodwaters were coming in, ANY progress is still progress! Just being on the list I think is sign that we know the monster, and the monster is us, and we’re working on changing our nature. That’s light-years ahead of most folks. So, no matter what happened in 2012, good bad or ugly (and we all had some of that), pat yourselves on the back because you’re still on the DR list. That means you’re still working on how to be better than you were. And that needs recognition no matter what.
I’d also like to formally introduce a new concept that I think we collectively could work with a bit more often. We’ve talked about Murphy quite a bit, and it’s been helpful to know that any one of us isn’t the only one with a bullseye occasionally painted on our proverbial hull. But what about those moments when opportunities unexpectedly come a-visiting, either in the form of a cash windfall, a new job, a new direction in life, a generally piece of unexpected good news? We all have those too, and I think they might often go unrecognized. So I’d like to introduce Millie, who is the anti-Murphy. Millie is the friend we don’t expect to show up, but who always brings good news when she appears on our door.
Having said all that, 2012 has proven to be The Year Of Taking Stock Of Our Lives. Goodness, did we take stock. Financially, emotionally, business-wise, personally, career-wise, spiritually, family-wise. Nothing was untouchable and nothing was sacred and nothing avoided the glare of “why are you in my life? Do you warrant a place in my life?” Without going into excruciating detail, we jettisoned a whole lot of emotional baggage in the form of friends/family who take more than they give. No, we didn’t tell them to jump off a bridge, and we didn’t sever connections with anyone. But we make a conscious decision that we weren’t going to play the drama games anymore. That gave us emotional energy to go deal with the rest of things.
Secondly, DH and I have been working really hard to improve our own relationship. How we interact for money, for business, for household needs, for personal needs – all of that got some intense scrutiny and changes/improvements are ongoing. I don’t think we could have made the progress in other categories, without that part of things.

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