I am getting rid of our debit cards for 2017

I won’t “get rid get rid” of them, but I am going to figure out a way to put them someplace where it is way too inconvenient to get to them. We do so much better staying on plan when we can’t swipe and borrow.
This year was a mixed blessing. We got rid of over $4k in debt, but none of it was planned so it feels like I didn’t do much at all. On the planned CC/loans debt, I think it was another $2-3k, so that’s a lot, but I had planned on being out of CC debt except for the car loan by now.
We did stay on (minimalist) budget for christmas, with all but $100 of it being preparedness items, so our family feels more secure in that regard. I have gained more experience on making 1 meal into 2 (tonight for example, we are having turkey noodle soup from Christmas tuesday’s dinner leftovers.) That cost us next to zero for the ingredients, and my family (especially DH) loves it (which is a major milestone….he’s a longtime “leftovers, yuck” person.)
I will grow a successful garden this year, even if it is a small one.

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