I brought up a day or so ago about setting goals for the new year

and asked each of you what your goals would be. So far no one has volunteered to post any. Then last night I was listening to Coast to Coast on XM and they had a man on there that uses different techniques to help people achieve their goal. Notice no s on goal. This is because he says we all set ourselves up by failure by setting too many goals at once, or not having a specific game plan to achieve even one.
His suggestion was to choose ONE major goal and then sit down and write out—not type but write out with pen/pencil and paper the goal and all the steps it will take you to achieve it. He says the reason for writing it out is it creates a different link in your brain that allows you to see more clearly what your goal is and how to achieve it. When you think about it, the idea makes sense.
I am a journal keeper. I hand write in a spiral notebook my thoughts on a near daily basis. I also do type written outlines of the steps of a plan for a proposed project. Doing it both ways helps me see things I would have normally missed. I type a lot faster than I write, a whole lot faster. So my outlines are often more detailed on the electronic files. But because I am a touch typist I can also be distracted by the cats playing nearby, the television news story, a sudden shift in the noise level from the geese and thoughts will sometimes go astray.
Hand writing is slower, but if a distraction happens I will finish the sentence I’m on—unless it is a dire emergency—and then take care of the distraction before going back to concentrating fully on what I’m writing. By doing the double work I get the game plan firm in my mind. Then discussing it with the men helps me tweak the plan.
I know I’ve found that if I don’t follow these steps it’s a lot easier for me to stray off my set path. I even started blogging some of my ideas to get ideas from others.
While this plan has not made me into some sort of perfect goal setter and keeper, far from it, it has allowed me to become much better at maintaining my goals. So the gentleman last night on c2c made me realize why in this last four years I’ve became much better at sticking to a plan.
So this year instead of writing down pages and pages of goals and then fleshing them out I’m going with something I’ve already basically figured out and my New Year’s annual visit with a goal list will be fleshing out the Princess Plan in even more detail. Because my ONE goal for this year is to do the Princess Plan entirely. It’s a cheater goal for sure because it covers all of the aspects of our life in one way or another, but I already have it pretty detailed. I just need to flesh it out and then make myself stick to it every day. I’ve already started tweaking my time budget to make certain I make progress on the PP daily.

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