I’ll second the suggestion to build the FFEF

it’ll give you wonderful peace of mind. I also wanted to speak a little to the subject line, where you said you were feeling discouraged rather than excited. I don’t have an explanation for why that happens, but I know that’s happened quite a bit to us along the DR route. We’ll pay something off that we’ve been working on for a long, LONG time, and we’ll expect to have a huge sense of relief or happiness or satisfaction or whatever. Nope. What we see instead is how high that next financial mountain seems to be. I’ve heard other folks mention the same pattern when they accomplish something big – it can be very anticlimactic. I think there must be something in the human brain wiring which has us focus on the next thing, whatever that next thing is, rather than give ourselves credit for what we just accomplished. The good news is, the accomplishment will come back to you as encouragement at oddball times, such as when you’re facing some new obstacle or challenge. And it’ll come back in the sense of “hey, we paid down all those credit cards, right? Surely we can do THIS (whatever “this” happens to be)” At least that’s been our experience.
Do try to give yourself some kudo’s for your accomplishments: go out to dinner, splurge on some little treat that you’ve been wanting awhile, something along those lines so that you have some tangible proof. Then get going on that next challenge. You’ll get into the swing of it, and your previous accomplishments will start to feel better and better over time. Good job!

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