We switched over to having lunch as our main meal a number of years ago

and it made a huge difference. We both lost quite a bit of weight, and kept it off. Furthermore, my horrible “twitchy legs at night” syndrome got a whole lot better, not having a whole bunch of calories circulating in my bloodstream with nowhere to go. Family and friends already think we’re weird, but knowing that we don’t have dinner I think put us over the top into severe weird. But it makes for cheaper meals out, which yes we still sin and enjoy meals out. Try comparing a lunch out with a dinner out, and that lunch is a whole lot cheaper.

But we also have the Farmhand Workout Plan. Rain or shine, in sickness and in health, we’re out there slogging along. Daily exercise, even if it’s not cardio-based, definitely helps. So does chasing pigs when they get out. Which is definitely a cardio redliner activity. Darn pigs. Folks want a motivational reason to go get more exercise, just bring home a pair of weaner pigs, and don’t put them behind secure fencing. You’ll get all the exercise you can tolerate, and more.

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