Well I’ll start out saying we’ve been bad this year

We have pretty much been not sticking to our budget. We’re not buying “stuff” but just not following our plan. We have an adult child that’s been only part time at work and struggling. We have been helping him by having him do work for us for the money we give or he pays it back within the month. He may be going full-time in January where he works and that will help get him off our payroll, although it’s been really nice to get some of the things done that he has done for us that DH just doesn’t have time or knowledge to do. We ARE getting back to it now that the holidays are through though.
We did something that Dave would not recommend this year, but so far it’s worked out great for us. I don’t want to encourage anyone else to do this but I do want to be honest with you guys because I see a lot of people on this list being honest.
We took out a home equity loan with 4% interest to refinance our debt because most of the cards we carried balances on were at about 20% or more after all the changes in interest rates we all took a few years back. I did try to do a regular loan refi on it but being unsecured they would not extend that much credit to us. We weren’t making a lot of progress on our credit cards with the interest and amounts and with our not following our budget certainly that didn’t help. Anyways in the 3 months that we’ve been paying on this loan we’ve already paid it down about $1300 just making the minimum payment. January we need to take to get our emergency fund back up to the $2500 I like to have and then we’ll start nailing our debt big time in February.

So my goals for this year are:
1) to STICK to our budget on a monthly basis.
2) to get really GAZELLE and nail down this debt in a major way.
Don’t know if you want to hear non-financial goals but here they are:
1) Get back to church and get spiritually healthy.
2) Get physically healthy, making a commitment to do SOMETHING every single day, even if it’s only 15 mins of Sansone.
I am going to try to check in here and post weekly how I’ve stuck to my goals in an effort to stay on them and be accountable.

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